Be unleashed in the wild


Code Unleashed is a chance to get out into the open, have a laugh with some other guys, 'walk on the wild side' in the great outdoors, but more importantly spend time connecting with God, maybe for the first time! Oh and of course ... eat!

As men, by nature we take our place fighting in a 'greater battle' alongside other blokes, therefore it's a great event you can bring your mates to.

The Code Unleashed days are be packed and memorable occasions. You'll get 'tooled-up' to stand stronger in the battles that take place in our families, work places, communities and churches. Even in our own lives.



Code Unleashed

See how previous events have worked


A new kind of men's day from CVM


A new kind of men's day from CVM

Sling Shot

A new kind of men's day from CVM


A new kind of men's day from CVM

Organise your own event

After successfully rolling this out around the UK, you can now organise your own Code Unleashed event in your area! Get your free event pack now and see the guys in your group be unleashed in the wild!



Send a message to the codelife team at CVM.

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